Tobacco and snus have long been a pressing issue when it comes to combining legal requirements with safety and exposure. Small packaging and high sales value make the products prone to theft. Another challenge when it comes to displays for tobacco products is legislation that restricts the possibilities of exposure. To reduce shrinkage, the trend in trade has been towards automated solutions where the products are kept locked up and hidden. The result of hiding products is reduced sales.


For 30 years, Frepart has been making tobacco solutions that allow the products to have a stylish, well-exposed display and at the same time be stored safely. We were the first on the market with the so-called over-head places for cigarettes. Through collaborations with the largest tobacco companies, the innovative places were rolled out to all major Swedish retail chains. In Germany, similar collaborations have resulted in electric motor-driven, customer-controlled cash line racks.


Snus is a growing market and Frepart is a leader in developing effective exposures in the form of furnishings for snus coolers.


Frepart has also developed tobacco solutions for the so-called Dark Market scenario that are sold in Norway, Finland and the Baltics where there is a ban on exposure or where you want to hide the tobacco for other reasons.


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