Over-the-counter drugs

Transparent lockable blind
Lockable drawer, used for storage place
Good exposure
Lockable drawer, used for back storage

Sales of over-the-counter medicines are increasing in both the grocery and service trade. The category has a good advance per store area, which more and more people are discovering. Selling over-the-counter medicines means that the product center must meet the legal requirements that exist. Among other things, it must be possible to lock when the products are not kept under supervision. In addition to legal requirements, there is also a theft problem.


At Frepart, we have also accepted the challenge of designing places so that the products are exposed in a good way. Racks are mostly placed in self-scanning zones and checkout lines where several other categories already exist. In addition, they must attract store customers and also fit into the rest of the store environment. It places great demands on design and flexibility.

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