Furnishings for Snus coolers, Skruf Snus

“We are incredibly happy with Frepart. They are professional, creative, flexible and fast. They are also acting more as a partner than a supplier which I really appreciate. The rollout we did would have been impossible to complete so quickly with any other supplier. ”

Peter Skoog – Head of KAM, Skruf Snus AB

When Skruf Snus AB was looking for a new supplier of furnishings for its snus coolers, they contacted Frepart. Frepart developed new interior design solutions that gave Skruf the opportunity to offer retail flexible solutions with choice at store level. Frepart has also been able to assist Skruf in the development of new refrigerator models. Today, Frepart handles a full-service concept for Skruf, which includes delivery and installation of equipment, development of new solutions and warehousing and aftermarket service.


During 2018/2019, Skruf and Frepart carried out a rollout in which Sweden’s leading retail chains were provided with Snus coolers. Over 2300 refrigerators of various sizes and variants were installed in more than 750 stores. Skruf Snus has since shown a clear increase in sales and seriously challenges its competitors.

Snuff cooler
Specially adapted shelves that allow the snus cans to be neatly fronted and fed automatically.
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