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A new product display for the Swedish market

-From now on theft-prone products can be displayed in a safe way!

Frepart has developed a new concept for product displays located in the checkout area that has been sold with great success for several years in Germany. Goods that have been difficult to display due to risk of theft can now kept both displayable, easily accessible and safe.

Frepart has developed a new concept for product displays for the Swedish market. The whole idea behind the concept is to be able to display theft-prone goods and at the same time keep them safe.


Apart from a good product exposure and greater safety you get from this new concept a unified and smart checkout area. An adaption to different product ranges is as simple as with conventional traditional product displays.

Long gone are the days when numerous lockable product displays had to be opened manually with lots of different keys. To be able to manoeuver the whole checkout zone can simplify work for the checkout staff.

The product display is divided in 2 sections. Close to the checkout and clearly separated from the rest of the product range is a section for nonprescription medicines. In the other section chocolate, instant coffee, shaving accessoires and condomes are placed. All products have a great sales value and high theft rate. A prototype is available in a Hemköp store.The product range in this display has been chosen by the store managers and Frepart has adjusted the equipment accordingly.


The product display is placed behind the conveyer belt.The products are located behind a glass pane which provides anti-theft protection and gives great exposure at the same time. By means of an electric motor the glass pane moves down when the display is opened and moves up when the display is closed. There is different alternatives available concerning opening/closing of the glass pane. It is easy to switch between the different alternatives.

Alternative 1- simple and easy of access

From now on theft-prone products can be displayed in a safe way!
The product display is opened when the checkout opens and is closed when the checkout closes. The manoeuvring is controlled by a key switch which is located at the checkout. When the product display is open the customer has access to products in the same way as with ordinary product shelf sections. When the checkout is closed the products are still displayable but impossible to steal. This alternative is applicable when there is only few customers in the store or a store is located in a low-risk area.

Alternative 2- Displayable products, high safety

The product display is equipped with a push button, easy of access for the customer. When the checkout opens the product display will be activated. The customer presses the button on request. The glass pane moves down and the customer can pick the relevant product. The glass pane closes automatically (time-controlled). The function is equipped with a clamping protection, meaning the glass pane stops when something is in the way. Once the checkout is closed the product display becomes inactive and cannot be opened by pressing the push button. This alternative ensures a greater safety. However the products are clearly displayed and easy to pick for the customer.

The development of the concept is continuing and the intention is to be able to use it on any other place inside the store and for different categories than the conventional goods that are usually displayed at checkout areas.

Frepart´s tobacco display inside a German checkout area, original draft for the new concept.

Frepart- checkout areas all over Sweden

Starting in the 90´s Frepart AB has worked with the development of selling product displays for theft-prone products. For several years tobacco displays have been dominant. Frepart has, among other things, launched the so-called overhead display to the Swedish market.

At the beginning of 2000 a new series of product displays for the German market commissioned by the cigarette manufacturer Reemtsma had been designed. The principle of the product display is built to place it behind the conveyer belt plus easy manoeuvring for the checkout staff while sitting by the checkout.

The main purpose of the product display is to reduce theft of tobacco products inside the store and at the same time keep the products displayed and easy to shop.The number of delivered product displays today exceeds 10.000 units.

Nowadays Frepart designs even product displays for product categories such as nonprescreption medicines, shaving accessoires etc. The basic idea of Frepart has always been to create product displays that combine product exposure with anti-theft safety. The goods are supposed to be displayable and easy to shop but difficult to steal.

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