“Being a market leader places great demands on us.”

Good exposure results in better sales

All stores want to be able to display and sell their valuable products without risking shoplifting or other shrinkage. Therefore, Frepart was founded in 1989. Initially, we would solve the issue of better exposure with safe storage of tobacco products in a store environment. Since then, Frepart has developed advanced and sustainable solutions for various product categories used by large retail chains in Europe.


For more than 30 years, Frepart has worked with customized solutions for individual customers. Over the years, Frepart has created many solutions that have become “state of the art” and have been reused by other players in the field. We are very proud of that and take as proof that we are at the forefront. In the coming years, we will develop the business to grow further. By developing more standard solutions and products that we can further develop and adapt if necessary, it will be even easier to find a safe exposure solution for your products.

Welcome to a well-exposed world.


Jan Fredriksen, founder and former CEO

Frepart is part of Mindelon, a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches. The Mindelon group comprises a number of companies focused on increasing sales and efficiency in retail stores and other companies. Together the companies are active in some ten countries in Europe. To learn more about Mindelon, please visit www.mindelon.com.

Why choose a system from Frepart?


For over 30 years, Frepart has provided stores in Europe with sales promotion and shoplifting display systems for tobacco products and is today the leading player in the market. You will find our products in grocery stores throughout Northern Europe.


Being a leader places high demands on us. All our employees are experts in their field and have extensive experience. To achieve the highest possible quality, the final assembly is always done at Frepart. We have full control and can guarantee that we deliver optimal solutions in terms of price, function and quality.


We keep track of industries, trends and new technology. We know how to use materials and manufacturing methods to find new opportunities for your specific products and needs. We are not just a supplier of exposure and display – We are your partner!


Through close collaborations with suppliers and with development, final assembly and store assembly in our own house, we can always guarantee the quality of the installation in the store.

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