Cash line rack for tobacco in dark market design, XPO Display AS

XPO Display AS is a reseller of product racks for the grocery trade in Norway. For more than 20 years, Frepart, together with XPO, has developed and delivered product racks for tobacco to the Norwegian market. Initially, places were designed so that the products would be exposed to the maximum. When Norway introduced a ban on exposure to tobacco products, the solution was modified to focus instead on user-friendliness and shoplifting safety, while at the same time meeting new legal requirements.

Until January 2020, Frepart and XPO have delivered over 25,000 product stands in various sizes and variants to stores in Norway.

“Frepart is a stable supplier that delivers high quality products.
Having Frepart as a partner has meant that we have been able to focus on the business and know that deliveries and technical challenges have been handled professionally ”.
Geir Hording CEO and founder, XPO Display AS

Lockable tobacco
Cashier line rack adapted to dark-market
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