Expose theft-prone goods
safely and profitably!

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All stores want to be able to display and sell their valuable products without risking shoplifting or other shrinking. As a Brand Owner, Retailer, Store Manager, Category Manager or Security Manager, you often have to deal with the problem that your valuable products, such as over-the-counter medicines, tobacco, snus, shaving care, cosmetics, etc. are at risk of being stolen.


Have you considered whether it is possible to use product racks that protect your products and at the same time give them a sales exposure? Is it even possible to make the theft problem something that increases your sales?


It is possible!


We at Frepart have been developing product racks for safe exposure for over 30 years. We can help you expose your goods in a safer and profitable way!

Products we can expose safely and profitably

Over-the-Counter Medicines
Symbol receptfria läkemedel
Cosmetics & Self-care
Your valuable products

See and be inspired by how we have helped others!

Line rack for OTC-medicines-
GlaxoSmithKLine, Sweden

Over-the-counter medicines are partly prone to theft and also have legal requirements for storage. In addition, GlaxosmithKline wanted racks that increase sales.

Cooling solution for snus,
Skruf Snus AB

When Skruf Snus decided to start the hunt for their competitor, they asked Frepart for help. Read about the largest roll-out ever done on the Swedish market for evereyday sales.

Freezing solution for Caviar,
Quality Caviar

Roe requires a high sales price and therefore entails a theft problem. Nevertheless, the product must be visible. Quality Caviar faced a dilemma and contacted Frepart. How did we solve it?

Motorized cashier line dispenser
Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH

Frepart has for more than 2 decades served the German tobacco company Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH with good looking and safe solutions for tobacco.

Dark Market Tobacco Line Rack,
XPO AS, Norway

Norwegian ban on exposure to tobacco makes it difficult for stores. The store interior decorator XPO Display and Frepart have developed a working solution.

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